Knowing yourself to be ignorant, you will eventually become wise. – Khmer Proverb

When I first saw the ad for an international position with MI International it sparked something within me. A new possibility was laid out before me as I was drawn to the prospect of working overseas; a career goal I have always had. All of a sudden preparing to apply to this position jumped to the top of my priority list. I applied to three positions in three different places with the hope of being selected for any one of them. As it turned out, the stars aligned and I was accepted for the position of Climate Change Adaptation intern in Cambodia with Prek Leap National College of Agriculture.

With many possibilities circling around in my head after just finishing a Post-graduate diploma in Water Quality at the Marine Institute following my Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science at Memorial University, I was ready to join the workforce and take a break from school (for a little while). I know that obtaining this position will help me find a career in my field of choice which I hope deals with problems facing the environment.

Career development is one large aspect of personal gain but I also plan to become a more globally focused person and learn how to relate to people from different cultures. I have already experienced certain aspects of Cambodian culture which I appreciate greatly. My favourite thing so far is how locals smile at you for no reason. It is a common place occurrence which is severely missing from our western culture in Canada. This alone is something to appreciate but when you know the recent history of Cambodia and all that the people have been through it stands as a symbol of resilience which everyone could admire.

Life is different here. From the hectic traffic to the everyday way in which people interact with each other. When you live in a place for a long time it just feels that is the natural way of the world so learning to cope with being away from home has been a challenge. It is important to understand the different living situations, ideals, and culture of another place in order to gain a broader understanding of how people all across the world make life work.

I can truly see this internship being a turning point in my life. As someone who knows they should leave their comfort zone more often, I believe throwing myself into a brand new environment where new situations are all around me will prove to better me as a person. MI International is providing great opportunities for young Canadians to broaden their horizons and become better global citizens and it is a privilege to have this opportunity.

Josh Myers